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Roof Maintenance

Roof Maintenance

Preventative roofing maintenance can identify and solve problems as they occur. It can also prevent problems from ever happening—  extending the life of your roof. At K-Ram Roofing we believe the best way to keep your roof water tight and healthy is to get it inspected by a licensed Albuquerque roofing contractor annually. That would be us, K-Ram Roofing.

In Albuquerque we have one of the harshest climates for a roof to endure. We have the dry high temperatures of the summer and the even drier cold temperatures in the winter. As an Albuquerque resident you will find that the temperature in this high desert environment can also fluctuate as much as 60 degrees in a 24 hour period! This puts enormous amounts of stress on your roof. Getting one of our roofing professionals to inspect your roof after this wear and tear is crucial to preventing future problems like a leaking roof saving you time and money down the road.

K-Ram Roofing has been locally owned and operated for over 35 years. We know the climate of Albuquerque and we know roofing. We are New Mexico’s one and only Roof Doctor. Our preventative maintenance is specifically designed to prolong and protect you roof so you will have no worries at the end of each and everyday.

Our roofing maintenance package includes an on site roof inspection by one of our professional roof doctors, the resealing of all roof penetrations, and a brand new coat of UV protective paint on all appropriate areas. K-ram Roofing will also clean your roof of any and all roof debris, such as leaves, droppings, dirt, ponding water, or backed up gutters and scuppers.

We all put miles on our cars and at a certain point we know its time to refresh and change the oil. It keeps you car healthy and running like it should. That is what our roofing maintenance is designed to do for you. It is our way of giving your Albuquerque roof a face lift and renewed longevity to face the elements, whether it be heat, cold, wind, hail or flash flood type rain.

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