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Fantastic Glass Roof Tiles for Latest in Solar Heating

Solar Energy Company Getting Very Creative

Solar energy and heating homes has been around for many years and most companies all do it the same way.

Glass Tiles by SolTech
Via: Solar Energy Company Invents Unique Way To Heat Homes With

But not this company.  They came up with this innovative way to make the roof look very cool as well as heat the house and water.

SolTech Glass Roof Solar Company

This company SolTech glass roof solar are using glass roof tiles.

For one solar energy company, they found a way to use the sun’s energy to heat homes efficiently without using solar panels. Instead, they used something else nobody thought of using: beautiful glass roof tiles.
Via: Solar Energy Company Invents Unique Way To Heat

According to Inhabitat, SolTech Energydeveloped the unique home heating system which is nothing more than ordinary transparent glass. They are shaped into the same size and look of curved clay roof tiles and assembled as such. The final product on a finished roof gives it an attractive icy appearance unlike anything seen before. The best part about the tiles is the fact they are cheap.

Via: Solar Energy Company Invents Unique Way To Heat Homes With …

The secret to making the system work with the glass tiles is they catch the sunlight and then what they do is heat a black nylon canvas underneath.
Heating the air disperses throughout the entire house. This method actuall conserves energy unlike previous clean energy heating systems.
This system even works great in the winter and at night also since it stores heat in the isolated layers of air under the canvas.

K-Ram Roofing

They are not sure when this system will be available world wide, but if you are in need of a Albuquerque roofing company, then you need to call K-Ram Roofing. They work more area’s than just Albuquerque, just call (505) 715-4139 for more information.