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So what is this blog going to be about and why should you come back often to read it?  Those answers are simple. If you want the latest news and information about the roofing industry, then this blog is the place to be. We will be covering commercial as well as residential roof repairs and the many different types of roofs that exist in this world, pitched, flat, tile and many others.

We will be discussing the latest in materials and techniques used in the roofing industry and this information will come from around the country and maybe sometimes around the globe. Roofs are used everywhere and most if not all building, shack, storage units and a like will all use a roof of some type. Maybe you are thinking of building a storage shed for your backyard, we could hold the key for the perfect roof for that shed.  But if you did not visit you would never know about it.

DIY Projects

We will also be talking about how you can do a DIY (do it yourself) repair, if you know the right steps and have the right material and tools on hand. Some repairs are not that hard, but you must do it correctly or you can cause more problems than when you started. You must always “think like a drip”. Just because you see a leak in your ceiling as a certain spot does not mean that the actual like is right above that area.

That is where thinking like a drip comes into play. If the roof is pitched, then the leak could be higher up the pitch and the water is just flowing down the pitch until it finds a place to drip onto your ceiling.

Rss Feed An Its Importance

Our blog is going to help you with this problem as well as others.  You will want to tune in often to make sure you have the latest information that is available.  You can subscribe to our feed and just put the feed URL into a feed reader like Feedly.com.  When we make a new post the feed reader will pick it up and bring it right to you, rather than you having to go and come to us.  The URL for the feed is as follows: https://www.kramroofing.com/feed , just put that into the reader and you are all set.

So that is it for now, come back often and visit to learn and make sure that you bookmark the site too in case you are in need of professional help in Albuquerque NM, K-Ram Roofing is the leading contractor around Albuquerque and the surrounding area’s like Rio Rancho, Bernalillo, Los Lunas, the heights, Talyor Ranch and many others. Here is the link to bookmark https://www.kramroofing.com

Homeowner tips for working with roofing contractorThere are certain things that the consumer is looking for when they go and hire a roofing contractor. Some of those things are listed below.  Not everything, but 5 of the main topics.

Other than getting the job done in a timely fashion, the homeowner wants certain things to be done correctly. Making sure the job site is clean, having a good re-pour with the homeowner is important, and several other things.

If you are thinking of getting your roof replaced or even repaired, read over the tips below and they will guide you thru the process a lot better.

When it comes to roof installation and repairs, we understand that the process doesn’t always go exactly according to plan. Significant damages, less than stellar working environments, and disgruntled homeowners can change what is meant to be a simple process in a matter of minutes. Take one of these job-complicating factors out of the mix by finding out exactly what your clients expect from the roofing process. Here are some of the things we think they will want to know.


After meeting your clients, the first thing they will expect is to see your business credentials. Be prepared to show your NRCA and other organization credentials, as well as liability insurance coverage paperwork, workers’ compensation certificates, and other licenses.

Before the actual work begins in the roofing process, customers like to be informed. A basic outlining of the process from start to finish will be extremely helpful for both homeowners and contractors. If you explain the timeline and roofing process in a step-by-step fashion before the day, your clients will be much happier and easier to work with once the job starts. For most roofing companies, the job outline looks something like this:

1. Contract signing, product ordering, scheduling the build
2. Delivery of materials
3. Arrival and introductions to foreman/workers
4. Removal of old roofing
5. Assess decking and repair any damage
6. “Blacking-in” roof—under-layments
7. Installation of shingles, ventilation, and other system components
8. Clean-up (if not overnight)

(source: Gicko Roofing)

A simple meeting over coffee to go over this or a similar outline will go a long way toward building a positive relationship with clients and setting their minds at ease about the large-scale building process about to take place in their home.


This normally goes without saying, but maintaining a professional relationship with homeowners is an essential part of the roofing process.


Although clean-up is listed in the process schedule outline, it is important to reiterate to your team that homeowners expect a clean and tidy workplace both during and after the job.


Last, but certainly not least, is friendliness. Although you don’t have to become best friends with your clients (and some will be harder to work with than others), it is important to maintain a positive relationship throughout the building process.

via What Homeowners Expect from the Roofing Process – GAF Blog

The above main topics mean a lot to the homeowner and the roofing contractor needs to make sure that they get this part correct in order to have a satisfied consumer when the job is completed.

The top roofing contractor in Albuquerque NM is Kram Roofing, and if you want to have your roof done right the first time, then you need to contact them first.

Kram Roofing has a long list of references for you to check out and that is for both residential and commercial roofing project. Just call and talk to Gilbert, he will explain everything to you in easy to understand terms.

Call Kram Roofing today at 505-345-ROOF.

Cooling your roof rather than running your home’s HVAC system is your first line of defense in keeping cool in the hot Albuquerque summers. The heat absorbed by your roof can raise the temperature inside your home, increasing your energy costs and putting strain on your air conditioning system. A cool roof is a unique roof designed to maintain a lower temperature throughout the spring and summer by reflecting light and releasing more heat. Here are several steps you can take to cool your roof.

1. Upgrade your shinglesShingles can keep a home cool - K-Ram Roofing Albuquerque

Regular fiberglass asphalt shingles will absorb heat during the summer. If your roof is nearing the end of its life, replace them with asphalt shingles with a special coating of reflective granules to reflect sunlight.

2. Install a metal roof

Metal roofs are very energy efficient and reduce cooling costs in the summer by reflecting heat off the home. Factory-applied coatings can even improve the heat-releasing properties of the roof.

3. Upgrade to tiles

Tiles roofs aren’t just beautiful; both traditional and “cool” colored tile roofs can make a steep sloped roof cooler during the hot months. Some tiles naturally reflect heat better than others based on their color, shape, and type of clay. Many tiles in earth tones like Terra cotta, green, and brown qualify as Energy Star materials.

4. Install a roof misting system

If you don’t want to replace your existing roof, you can consider a roof misting system or evaporative cooling system. These systems use sensors to monitor the moisture and temperature levels on your roof. When the roof gets too hot, the system sprays a small amount of water across the roof. As this water evaporates, it cools the roof. While evaporative cooling systems are mostly used on commercial properties, they can be used on some residential roofs.

5. Plant trees

Planting trees strategically around your home can dramatically cut your cooling costs by shading your roof from the sun. Don’t plant trees too close to the house, however, to avoid damage from falling branches. You can work with a landscaper to choose the best location for a tree or two.

6. Install a rooftop garden

If you have a flat roof, installing a rooftop garden can reduce your cooling costs. Green roofs shade the building from sunlight and reduce surface temperature. Rooftop gardens can even make the air around the roof cooler than the ambient air temperature.

7. Improve ventilation

The best way to regulate your home’s temperature is ensuring your roof and attic have good ventilation. Insulation, ridge vents, wind turbines, and radiant barriers are cost effective ways to cool your roof and reduce the temperature in your attic by up to 20 degrees to reduce your energy costs in the summer.

Ready to make your roof more energy efficient? Contact our roofing contractors today to learn more about cooling your roof and making your home or business more efficient.

K-Ram Roofing is proud to have supported the citizens of the Greater Albuquerque area, East Mountains, Rio Rancho and the surrounding communities

Albuquerque, New Mexico

K-Ram Roofing today proudly acknowledges its over three and a half decades of dedicated services to Greater Albuquerque, East Mountains, Rio Rancho and its neighboring communities. Throughout this long association, since the company was initially established in 1977 as “The Ram Outfit”, residents of these communities have relied on K-Ram professionals to support them with repairing flat roofs with tar and gravel, pitched roofs with asphalt, as well as their tile shingles and metal roofing.

Management at K-Ram admit that roof repair in Albuquerque and the surrounding areas has been a great business to be in over these years; but also acknowledge that residents need to be extra vigilant when selecting their preferred roof repairer of choice.

Through today’s Press Release, the company is also urging residential and commercial property owners to always ensure that their roofing consultants are:

  • Appropriately licensed;
  • Adequately insured;
  • Properly trained; and
  • Suitably bonded

In an effort to educate consumers about the risks of not ensuring these four pillars are present when hiring a roof repair contractor in Albuquerque, the company warns that there could be catastrophic consequences for the owners.

Least of those dire consequences is the dramatic decline in property values; but roofing work conducted by untrained and unskilled roofers can also lead to catastrophic outcomes, including serious and permanent injury to workers and inhabitants of these structures.

Experienced roofing contractors have the ability and knowledge to assess the condition of present roofing materials, and to verify any signs of cracking, buckling or even missing sections of tile, shingles or other roofing products.

Company representatives pointed out that, with over 3-decades of experience under their belts, no other roof repair specialist in Albuquerque is more ably qualified than K-Ram to deliver this value to their customers.

The company is also encouraging prospective users of roofing contracting services to conduct their own diligence before engaging a contractor. While word of mouth contacts and personal referrals are great, company management strongly suggest checking out ratings of their prospective roofer on well known listing sites like Angie’s List.

Today’s Press Release is meant to express the company’s sincere gratitude to home and business owners in the Greater Albuquerque area, East Mountains, Rio Rancho and its neighboring communities, for the continued confidence they show in the K-Ram team’s abilities.

The staff and Management team also wish to reiterate their firm commitment to continue maintaining the high standards of roof repair that Albuquerque residents have come to expect from the company.

Contact Information:
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Phone: (505) 345-7663
Email: info@kramroofing.com

Solar Energy Company Getting Very Creative

Solar energy and heating homes has been around for many years and most companies all do it the same way.

Glass Tiles by SolTech
Via: Solar Energy Company Invents Unique Way To Heat Homes With

But not this company.  They came up with this innovative way to make the roof look very cool as well as heat the house and water.

SolTech Glass Roof Solar Company

This company SolTech glass roof solar are using glass roof tiles.

For one solar energy company, they found a way to use the sun’s energy to heat homes efficiently without using solar panels. Instead, they used something else nobody thought of using: beautiful glass roof tiles.
Via: Solar Energy Company Invents Unique Way To Heat

According to Inhabitat, SolTech Energydeveloped the unique home heating system which is nothing more than ordinary transparent glass. They are shaped into the same size and look of curved clay roof tiles and assembled as such. The final product on a finished roof gives it an attractive icy appearance unlike anything seen before. The best part about the tiles is the fact they are cheap.

Via: Solar Energy Company Invents Unique Way To Heat Homes With …

The secret to making the system work with the glass tiles is they catch the sunlight and then what they do is heat a black nylon canvas underneath.
Heating the air disperses throughout the entire house. This method actuall conserves energy unlike previous clean energy heating systems.
This system even works great in the winter and at night also since it stores heat in the isolated layers of air under the canvas.

K-Ram Roofing

They are not sure when this system will be available world wide, but if you are in need of a Albuquerque roofing company, then you need to call K-Ram Roofing. They work more area’s than just Albuquerque, just call (505) 715-4139 for more information.

Reducing Cooling Cost By Changing Your Roofing Material

Lets talk a bit about the different types of material used on a roof and some of the benefits of using them.

Roof Tiles 2
Image courtesy of Stock.xchng

One of the nice things about different material is that it can reflect the heat of the sun and make the house cooler on the inside. This will also reduce your electricity cost in the summer months, which will save you some money.

Coat The Shingles With Different Powders And Make Them a Lighter Color

One of the things that a researcher has done is to coat the shingles with different material to reflect the heat of the sun. It was an interesting experiment and seemed to work well enough for others in the neighborhood to try out.

The roof of a house can get pretty hot in the summer. Even if there is an insulated attic below, some of that heat can work its way into the living space. That can make air conditioners work harder and pump up electricity bills. But a thin, paint-like coating could help keep roofs cooler, a teen researcher finds. And in urban areas, widespread use of her new roofing treatment might even cut the formation of lung-irritating ozone on hot days.
Via: Keeping roofs cooler to cut energy costs

Shingles come in many colors, but dark ones are especially popular, says Jesseca Kusher. The 18-year old attends Spartanburg Day School in South Carolina. Like most dark objects, shingles absorb a lot of heat from sunlight. In the summer sun, they can easily reach 73.5° Celsius (164° Fahrenheit), she notes. If those shingles reflected more sunlight, they’d stay cooler. And that could help cut down on home cooling bills. According to the Environmental Protection Agency, air conditioning consumes about 5 percent of all the energy used in the United States. Cooling buildings costs the nation about $11 billion each year.
Via: Keeping roofs cooler to cut energy costs

Make Shingles Reflect More Light To Reduce Heat

So Jesseca looked into ways to make shingles reflect more light. She mixed tiny particles — a powder — made from any of several different substances into a clear paint-like coating. One coating got graphite, the same material in pencil lead. Another recipe included gypsum. That’s a soft mineral often found in the drywall used in construction. She even tried adding mica. That’s a mineral used in some lampshades. It readily breaks into small, glittering flakes.
Via: A simple paint-on coating might cut home energy use

Roof shingles that keep a house cool - K-Ram Roofing contractor

She created several different powders that came in different colors and tested these samples. What she also did was to prepare some mixtures that did not have any color or powder, which would be her sample to say whether the mixture actually worked or not.

Used Different Colors

Jesseca used 4 different colored shingles to test her mixture on. She would paint her mixture onto each of the postage size samples and then would let them dry over night. She would then use a light source to simulate the sun and allow the samples to heat up for 15 minutes or until the untreated sample had reached the temperature of 73.5 degrees C.

The plain unpainted shingles got the hottest, while the treated shingles were about 30 degrees cooler than the untreated samples.

Trim Those Electric Bills

Besides trimming your electric bills, this will also keep your attic cooler. This was very interesting experiment and could possibly be something that we would look at more in the future.

Some Pros and Cons of Metal Roofs

Whether you’re putting a roof on a new home, or your existing roof requires a total makeover, there are many materials available. But no matter what roof style you have, metal roofs can be an attractive option because of their longevity, minimal maintenance, and energy efficiency. And you can choose from tin, zinc, aluminum, copper, or galvanized steel — just make sure your metal roofing material is tested and labeled by UL, FM Global, or the equivalent, and that you check with your local building department for any code requirements.
Via: Pros and cons of metal roofs for your home – State Farm

What Are the Advantages Of A Metal Roof

  • Longevity
  • Durability
  • Safety
  • Energy efficiency
  • Environmentally friendly

Energy Efficiency – A metal roof will reflect more heat, and can reduce cooling cost by 10%-25%

  • Environmentally Friendly

Disadvantages of Metal Roofs

Despite their many advantages, metal roofs have some potential drawbacks Via: Pros and cons of metal roofs for your home – State Farm

  • Affordability – two or three times more expensive
  • Noisiness – they can be noisy during heavy rain or hail.
  • Expansion and Contraction
  • Inconsistency of color match
  • Performance – poor quality can cause serious damage

As you can see there are pros and cons to metal roofs. The one that we were really looking at was the pro about the roof reflecting the suns rays and in turn allowing things to be cooler.

Cool Roofing Solution

Public domain image from Pixabay

Sydney materials scientists are claiming a breakthrough in cool roof technology with a surface they’ve developed that will stay cooler than the ambient air temperature, even under the mid-summer Australian sun.
Via: A super cool roof solution to being hot in the city – Phys.org

There development has major implecations when it comes to cutting energy using “coated polymer stack”.

“Roofs heat up by absorbing sunlight, so darker roofs can get very hot. Even white roofs still absorb enough sunlight to warm up by 9 degrees Celsius to 12 degrees Celsius.

“This new surface, however, stayed 11 degrees or more colder than an existing state-of-the-art white roof nearby because it absorbs only 3 per cent of incident sunlight while simultaneously strongly radiating heat at infrared wavelengths that are not absorbed by the atmosphere.

“Furthermore the plastic materials used for the demonstration were available commercially and potentially suited to use on basic roofing.”

Via: A super cool roof solution to being hot in the city – Phys.org

When using this type of technology you are also reducing what is called the “urban heat island”. This is when you take into account all the concrete and heat sources in a city.

This is a huge break thru in roofing technology. The benefit of cool roofs are not yet widely appreciated, but will be in the future for sure. Saving consumers money is what everything is about.

Find The Best Roofing Contractor With The Right Questions


The first thing every roofer learns — even before he learns how to properly install a roof — is how to answer the most common homeowner questions. If you go into the bid process armed with your dad’s hand-me-down list of questions, it’s unlikely that your list will flush out any true distinctions among the candidates.

To get a better feel for each roofer’s legitimacy, you must ask questions that can’t be answered with a yes, a no or a number.

Nailing Technique

For example, if you ask a roofer, “How many nails do you use on each shingle?” he knows the answer you want to hear is “four.” A better question is, “Tell me about your crew’s nailing technique,” and a better answer is, “We place the manufacturer-specified number of nails in each shingle, ranging from four on moderate slopes up to six on severe slopes. We also place the nails in the prescribed field, so you’ll never have issues with shingles sliding or blowing off.”

Insurance Up To Date

Ask a roofer whether he’s fully insured and he’s almost certain to say yes. A more effective question would be, “What happens if something is damaged or someone is injured?” The response you want to hear, of course, is something like this: “If we accidentally damage your property and the damage appears to be less than our deductible of $1,000, we’ll correct the problem right away at our expense. If it’s a more serious problem, we’ll put you in touch with our insurance agency. In fact, let me give you my policy number and my agent’s phone number right now, so you can phone them and verify my coverage.”

Roofing Experience

Ask a roofer how long he’s been in business, and he’s almost certain to give you a number of years, say 20. Unfortunately, too many consumers have found out the hard way that this often means he has one year of experience and he’s repeated it 20 times. Instead, ask the roofer to tell you about his roofing experience. This will flush out useful information, and of course, the sort of answer you’re looking for is, “I started out at John Doe Roofing in 1993. After apprenticing with them for seven years, I was hired as a foreman at Jane Doe Roofing. Then I started my own business in 2003. So I’ve got 20 years of roofing experience, of which about half has been on the roof and half has been managing my company’s reputation.”

You don’t have to know anything about roofing in order to come up with a useful list of questions. All you have to do is think of questions that give the contractor an opportunity to showcase his (or her) expertise.

As you listen, be alert for benefit-oriented responses. Finally, when the interview is over, ask yourself the most important question of all. “Is this contractor thinking about what he wants from me, or is he focused on what he can do for me?”