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5 Things Homeowners Want From the Roofing Process

Homeowner tips for working with roofing contractorThere are certain things that the consumer is looking for when they go and hire a roofing contractor. Some of those things are listed below.  Not everything, but 5 of the main topics.

Other than getting the job done in a timely fashion, the homeowner wants certain things to be done correctly. Making sure the job site is clean, having a good re-pour with the homeowner is important, and several other things.

If you are thinking of getting your roof replaced or even repaired, read over the tips below and they will guide you thru the process a lot better.

When it comes to roof installation and repairs, we understand that the process doesn’t always go exactly according to plan. Significant damages, less than stellar working environments, and disgruntled homeowners can change what is meant to be a simple process in a matter of minutes. Take one of these job-complicating factors out of the mix by finding out exactly what your clients expect from the roofing process. Here are some of the things we think they will want to know.


After meeting your clients, the first thing they will expect is to see your business credentials. Be prepared to show your NRCA and other organization credentials, as well as liability insurance coverage paperwork, workers’ compensation certificates, and other licenses.

Before the actual work begins in the roofing process, customers like to be informed. A basic outlining of the process from start to finish will be extremely helpful for both homeowners and contractors. If you explain the timeline and roofing process in a step-by-step fashion before the day, your clients will be much happier and easier to work with once the job starts. For most roofing companies, the job outline looks something like this:

1. Contract signing, product ordering, scheduling the build
2. Delivery of materials
3. Arrival and introductions to foreman/workers
4. Removal of old roofing
5. Assess decking and repair any damage
6. “Blacking-in” roof—under-layments
7. Installation of shingles, ventilation, and other system components
8. Clean-up (if not overnight)

(source: Gicko Roofing)

A simple meeting over coffee to go over this or a similar outline will go a long way toward building a positive relationship with clients and setting their minds at ease about the large-scale building process about to take place in their home.


This normally goes without saying, but maintaining a professional relationship with homeowners is an essential part of the roofing process.


Although clean-up is listed in the process schedule outline, it is important to reiterate to your team that homeowners expect a clean and tidy workplace both during and after the job.


Last, but certainly not least, is friendliness. Although you don’t have to become best friends with your clients (and some will be harder to work with than others), it is important to maintain a positive relationship throughout the building process.

via What Homeowners Expect from the Roofing Process – GAF Blog

The above main topics mean a lot to the homeowner and the roofing contractor needs to make sure that they get this part correct in order to have a satisfied consumer when the job is completed.

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