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I checked them on Angie’s list to see their rating. My friend had also used them, and she gave me good feedback about them. I had an excellent experience with them. They were very punctual and incredibly clean. The way they cleaned up after the job was incredible. They were very nice, and I have not had any leaks so far. They had competitive rates, and they were willing to work with me. I recommend them highly.

Tasha P.

Owner of company responded to call about a leak from the roof (this company completely replaced our bitumen roof with a tar and gravel roof in 2006). He responded personally and quickly, and determined likely source was a plugged roof drain. He came back with a crew, resealed the drain and, additionally, performed necessary maintenance on the entire roof. He charged me only for the whole-roof maintenance, but not for his time and materials in attending to the drain. Excellent, responsive service.

B Bostwick

Our roof was 25 years old and beginning to leak. The owner of K-Ram was professional and punctual, and quoted us a great estimate… The crew was also punctual, hard-working, and professional. They were as non-intrusive as possible, and did a great job of cleaning up everyday. It took only 2 days for the main house and also a small house in the back. The third day was only 2 hours in the am for finish and cleanup. We are very happy with their services and would recommend them to anyone.

Mariana D